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In recent years, Glazed Canopies designed and installed to modern commercial buildings have been gaining popularity, as a canopy offers superb shelter from the British weather and creates a sleek finish to any structure. The increasing popularity of glazed canopies has resulted in Glazing Refurbishment offering our services to replace or repair damaged glass to a glazed canopy structure.

Our Guarantee
Like all our services offered, Glazing Refurbishment will ensure the works are carried out causing minimal disruptions to the building occupants.

Many issues experienced with glazed canopies and other overhead glazing systems derive from a widespread lack of effective glazing maintenance. This can span back to poor fitting or installation, design at the original installation stage and the result is a failure of the glazing system to perform as it should. Inevitably this leads to leaks and can result in the failure of glazed unit seals and worst-case glass breakages.

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Glazing Refurbishment are experts in glazed canopy works situated in difficult access areas or at height. Our technical managers, surveyors and qualified glaziers will be able to offer a safe, efficient and minimal disruption solution to repairing or replacing a damaged glazed canopy. Over the years, we have utilised a range of access machinery and specialist glass lifting equipment from glazing robots, IRATA trained abseil technicians to mini cranes and glass hoists to successfully remove the damaged glazed panels and install the replacements panels.

Every operation is conducted with health and safety at the forefront and all works will have a suitably qualified and experienced site manager in attendance. If you require a canopy removing due to building works and reinstalling at a later date, we can also assist with this. Speak to a member of our technical team today about your forthcoming project.

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