About GLRE

Founded in 1996 as the first national specialist in commercial glazing repair and refurbishment, GLRE have grown year-on-year and remain the UK’s leading provider of specialist commercial glazing repair, replacement & maintenance.

With a proud and longstanding commitment to ESG, GLRE are 100% minority owned, members of VOUK and a Carbon Neutral Britain carbon neutral company.

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Our Mission

To be the very best we can, with service & safety prioritised at all times above profit.

Refurbish or Replace

GLRE is the only Company in the UK able to offer logical and cost-effective solutions by presenting our clients both fully costed and considered refurbishment or replacement options for all their commercial glazing requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions,
Going Beyond Glazing.

With our unique approach we are in a position to deliver your preferred glazing refurbishment or replacement option. Our services extend beyond glazing to incorporate the entire building envelope, including cladding and metal weather/parapet flashings.

For more information on our range of commercial glazing services or to see how we can assist you, please get in touch.

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25 years providing commercial and architectural glazing refurbishment, repair and replacement solutions.