Cladding Cleaning & Maintenance

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At Glazing Refurbishment, we fully understand that when carrying out cleaning and maintenance work on buildings (particularly taller structures), it can be difficult and potentially hazardous to access certain areas of the building to conduct cleaning or maintenance work. Due to the ever-changing weather conditions dirt, debris and dust become inevitable however this does not mean that you must compromise your Immaculate commercial property. Glazing Refurbishment cleaning services are ideal for keeping your building in pristine condition maintaining a positive first impression for your visitors.

Choose from a wide selection of access equipment

We offer a selection of truck mounted access platforms that can help you comprehensively complete any building, cleaning and maintenance jobs that you have in mind. With access equipment ranging from 22m-70m, our solutions are suitable in a variety of different buildings.

Benefit from access lifts that can reach up to 70m

When you are asked to think of industries that require working at a height, cladding cleaning is probably one of the first sectors that springs to mind. In many instances, traditional cleaning methods will not allow you to sufficiently access external buildings, so the first impression is a very important one. Dusty or dirty cladding can signal that the business does not take pride in the building.  This is where Glazing Refurbishment cleaning services can support to effectively clean areas that have previously been out of reach with conventional methods. Cleaning from a truck mounted platform gives excellent height and outreach capabilities for high rise buildings.

Access all areas with our Abseiling Team

We know appreciate that building services and remediation projects often require bespoke access solutions qualified and our experienced rope access team are at hand to facilitate surveys, cleaning and remediation projects of all sizes creating the most effective solution for our all our client’s needs. Glazing Refurbishment are one of the most experienced companies within our sector our rope access team is the perfect solution to navigate buildings with complex needs. The ability to reach all areas via abseiling lends itself especially well to remediation projects both in cleaning and stripping dangerous materials from buildings and replacing them.

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