Delivery of a high-level glass upgrade programme for a leading Industrial Client.
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Project Details

Polymerics Ltd
Access Method
Mechanical Access Platforms
North Yorkshire
Project Duration
12 weeks

Our case study covers the delivery of a high-level glass upgrade programme for a leading Industrial Client. 

This 12 week programme was a good opportunity to recognise the challenges of this project and how to overcome them whilst delivering a project safely and timely.

Large Glass Upgrade

Belzona was established in Yorkshire back in 1952. They are a global leader in the design and manufacture of repair composite materials and industrial protective coating. This company now has offices in Europe, North America and Asia. Belzona celebrated over 60 years of success and look forward to a bright and expansive future.

Phase 2 – The GR Northern project team carried out a large upgrade program, involving the removal and disposal of 149 existing glass units.

Delivering phase-2 of a large upgrade program of works for our Europe based clients who operate out of a UK based site in North Yorkshire.

Over an agreed 12 week program the GR installations team will remove and dispose of no less than 149no existing glass units within this mobilisation.

The GR brief back in 2020 Phase 1 was quite simply to improve the acoustic performance of the windows and in particular to reduce the external noise pollution being experienced within, the GR challenge was to significantly improve the acoustic comfort internally for the building occupants.

The GR team faced challenges with the acoustic works, this work involved being inside. It was crucial the team limited the amount of disruption caused to the occupants in the building. 

GLRE Case Study | Belzona
GLRE Case Study | Belzona
GLRE Case Study | Belzona
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The GR Solution

The team worked around the issues by planning works out of hours or over the weekend, not only did this ensure the works could be completed as quickly as possible, but would limit the amount of disruption caused.

The GR Design Team were engaged and asked to specify and design the associated window frame modifications and factor in and calculate the impact of the increased weight of the new double glazed units.

The new specified glass units are configured using laminated glass pressure bonded together with acoustic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers, the interlayers act as a noise damper, thus weakening the energy of the sound waves as they travel through the glass.

As we near completion of these works we are pleased to announce that we have a very happy client and that the occupants within the building report very positively of an enhanced working/operating environment as a direct result of the GR acoustic glazing upgrade works.

If you have a building and would like to consult with the GR Acoustic Expert Design Team then please contact our Manchester office on: 01618500605 or 

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