Independent Faith School

Independent Faith School

This case study covers the work of our South East Team, undertaking a full-scale façade upgrade program of works. This is an ongoing project with anticipated eight-week program and a PC date of early December 2021.

Façade Upgrade program 

This was a high level glass replacements and curtain wall leak detection and repair work at a school and apartment block in East London.

The scope of works involved the replacement of all primary weather seals whilst servicing and retaining the existing stick built curtain-walling system and the associated opening vents/windows.

GR large works are uniquely positing within the refurbishment sector to also incorporate within our remedial upgrade package the balconies and doors the perimeter cladding and the large reception area to the front elevation of the building.

Mechanical access platforms were provided via our trusted supplier industry partners and all required road and pavement closures were planned and implements by the supporting & in- house GR Road Closure Team.

The GR Environmental Estimating Team offer a full remediation and or upgrade service covering the external envelopes in their entirety to both commercial & domestic buildings.

To assist in repairing and refurbishment and existing glass or cladded building whilst offering new enhance long term performance warranties, utilising predominantly the original components and framework, sits very well in terms of our strategic commitment to deliver both the vision and values of the adopted GR Environmental Policy. 

The fact that the GR Large Works Environmental Estimating Team are then in a unique and privileged position to support these proposed building remedial envelope upgrade works packages, with long term insurance backed warranties and guaranties- is simply the icing on the cake!

For our established client base:

If you have a project whereby you would like to explore the options of refurbishing and repairing your existing glazing or cladding as opposed to the traditional route of disposing via skips and replacing with new/matching aluminium bar work or cladding products- then please call the GR Large Works Environmental Estimating Team on: 

020 7183 6551 

Independent Faith School

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