The Binding Site

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Delivery of a major glass roof replacement and refurbishment. 
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The Binding Site

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Executive Summary 

Our case study covers the delivery of a major glass roof replacement and refurbishment. 

Glazing Refurbishment is proud to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, providing them with a high-level service from the start through to the very end. This was a program that was an amazing opportunity to recognise the challenges of this project and overcome those challenges whilst delivering our considerable works package both safely and timely, not to mention securely fulfilling our client’s needs in the process.

The Binding Site 

For over a quarter of a century, have been supplying the world’s laboratories with the clinical diagnostic tools to effectively diagnose and monitor disease. Binding Site was founded by a group of researchers from the Medical School at Birmingham University, UK. In the early 1970s, this group were researching innovative ways of producing antibodies. Today, we continue to build upon our specialist protein heritage offering an expanding menu of over 200 protein assays across a range of clinical diagnostic systems. 

GLRE Case Study | The Binding Site
GLRE Case Study | The Binding Site
GLRE Case Study | The Binding Site
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Project Summary 

The scope of works involved the replacement of defective DGU located on the rear elevation fifth floor at his prestigious Birmingham location. 

GR Midlands large works division are uniquely placed within the West Midlands refurbishment sector to react quickly and effectively to accommodate all our clients requirements. 

Mechanical access platforms were provided via our trusted supplier industry partners and all required road and pavement closures were planned and implements by our supporting in- house GR Road Closure Team. 

We worked with our clients to deliver another winning project from our GR Midlands Team. 

Project Scope 

  • Full pre site survey 
  • The provision of specialist glass lifting equipment 
  • Glazing Technicians to complete the replacements. 
  • Removal and of existing pressure plates and cover caps. 
  • Removal and replacement of defective high level DGU 
  • Replacement of pressure plates cover caps and fixings. 
  • Ground and roof marshalling and cordoning for job duration was vital as all works needed to be completed without impacting the staff and important work at The Binding site. 
GLRE Case Study | The Binding Site
GLRE Case Study | The Binding Site
GLRE Case Study | The Binding Site
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Glazing Refurbishment was able to bring together and deliver a scope of works that pleased our customer and fit well within the budget constraints that are often faced on such large and complicated jobs. 

This work fits in with our growing case studies, which can be found on the GR website. GR’s trained glazing technicians were deployed on such a significant portion of the work due to the difficult rear access at the Binding Site. 

Our safe access and method systems meant that the glass replacement, inspection, and cleaning work could be included in this bespoke solution without putting any valued employees or healthcare workers at risk. 

GR access lifters Completing Glazing Replacement Work.


We have successfully maintained and repaired the glazing at many high-profile businesses and facilities throughout the UK for the past twenty-eight years. Some of our most challenging projects come in all shapes and sizes. While some are the standard jobs we complete every week, others are more challenging and complex. These challenging projects are the ones that use a lot of time and resources, and really push business resources you to the limit. For these reasons, many companies avoid them, instead preferring to focus on easier projects. 

At Glazing Refurbishment, we love a challenge. We believe in taking on projects that inspire us; the ones you can’t stop thinking about even when you’re finished for the day. It’s not that we need extra motivation far from it but we’re at our best when we’re put under pressure by a demanding yet energising project. It’s not just the inspiration that draws us to these projects, though. 

Over the years, we’ve recognised the many additional benefits that come with successfully completing demanding jobs. 

The Binding Site

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