Leak Rectification

Every glazing system in its operational life will suffer water ingress at some point. Leaking glazing can be as a direct result of glazing failure, draining system blockage or seal deterioration. If your glazing is leaking, this can be highly disruptive to the daily operations of the building and occupants. Not only can leaking glazing be disruptive, it also creates a massive health and safety issues, especially within high footfall areas.

For a glazing system to be water-tight and keep the inclement UK weather out, the system is highly reliant on EPDM weather gaskets and sealants. It is therefore critical that regular maintenance and servicing of the glazing system is fully up to date.

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Like all our services offered, Glazing Refurbishment will ensure the works are carried out causing minimal disruptions to the building occupants.

Failure to do so will dramatically increase the likelihood that your glazing system will age prematurely, and the building residents will soon experience water ingress / leaks.

Not all leaks to a glazing system are caused as a result of a lack of maintenance, it can also be a direct consequence of previous poor repairs carried out with inadequate fitting or even due to the original design not being completed properly.

A leaking or poor performing glazing system should be investigated immediately as leaving it can result in complete system failure and a major health and safety issue.

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When the Glazing Refurbishment team receive a report regarding a glazing leak, a member of our surveying team will be despatched to site in order to investigate the possible cause of the water ingress and to put together a plan to rectify the issue identified. All of our leak rectification solutions come with a water ingress guarantee, providing reassurance that the leak issue will be resolved. Glazing Refurbishments years of trading have allowed us to specify and perfect our contemporary methods of leak rectification that will upgrade not only the glazed structure but also ensure the glazing system is back up to a safe and fully serviceable condition.

Our leak rectification work method usually involves the stripping back of the glazing area which is experiencing the water ingress and installing new back-up membranes, new system compatible EPDM weather gaskets, new fixings and the application of system compatible sealants. Like all our commercial glazing works, our glazing technicians will ensure minimal disruption to building occupants is experienced throughout the works. Our vast experience of working on difficult access and high level glazing systems means we can truly access the most difficult to reach glazed structures. We also ensure only purpose designed and system compatible components, along with correct installation procedures, allows us to confidently give our clients a leak rectification service backed by lengthy water ingress guarantee.

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