Glazing Refurbishment

Glazing Refurbishment provides a comprehensive commercial high level and overhead window refurbishment and restoration programmes as a cost-effective alternative to premature replacement. We help to rectify the following issues:

  • Water ingress
  • Defective weather gasket seals
  • Failure of opening mechanisms, counter balances, actuators, locks, hinges and safety requirements
  • Defective or broken high level glazed units or fractured glass panels
Our Guarantee
Like all our services offered, Glazing Refurbishment will ensure the works are carried out causing minimal disruptions to the building occupants.

As a company we specialise in the planning and delivery of glazing refurbishment projects for the Commercial sector.

The size and duration of the projects undertaken varies greatly, from small day works to five-year regeneration projects.

The level of high and overhead works undertaken varies with our clients requesting full refurbishment of system components to include the existing glazing, gasketry, pressure plates, capping details, weather seals and associated components, the cleaning of fixtures and fittings, through to entire glazing system overhauls.

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Over our vast trading history, Glazing Refurbishment will undertake window and glazing refurbishment works as either main contractor, directly working with our client or as a sub-contractor. Our office and site-based projects team ensure we work closely with the facility manager, project manager or consultant throughout the refurbishment works, guaranteeing a draught-free, watertight, aesthetically pleasing window refurbishment is carried out and backed by lengthy workmanship guarantees.

Glazing Refurbishment site teams are trained and experienced to carry out projects on the following window systems;

Individual Glazed Unit Replacement / Refurbishment
Window Component Replacement (silicone and gasket replacement)
Multiple Window Replacement & Refurbishment
Application of Safety & Bomb Blast Film
Aluminium Window Repair
Wooden / Timber Window Refurbishment
As your glazing partner, we will supply all materials, access machinery and labour to ensure the works are carried out to the highest standards possible with health and safety at the forefront of any operation. Health and Safety is our key priority throughout any project. All of our teams are comprised of time served, industry professionals, fully trained and qualified to the latest industry standards. This way of working gives our clients peace of mind throughout our operations.

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